Martail Art Training​

Our highly expert certified martial art coaches will give the world class martial arts training and Japanese discipline to build a better character in you or your kids.

Commando Training

Commando training is the official hand-to-hand combat system. Its quick counter-attacks and brutal offensive techniques make it the ideal fighting style for dangerous and unexpected situations.


Commando Martial arts & Fitness has a karate clubs that is more than a schools – it is a community. Women, men, and in many cases, entire families train in an atmosphere that promotes a drive towards excellence.

Physical Fitness

Practice physical fitness exercises from our trainers with fully guided and also video sessions. Exercise, training to improve body functioning and enhance your fitness. And we are ready in every way to maintain your fitness.

Women Self Defense

This course is recommended for women of all ages. Even if only one of our female participants saves her life as a result of this training, we believe all the efforts and resources put into this workshop would be worthwhile.


Commando academy offers yoga training in Udaipur, Commando academy is one of the oldest and most traditional schools of yoga in Udaipur. It is also one of the foremost yoga research institutes in Udaipur.

Stick Training / Fight

Stick fighting is a form of combat where practitioners use hand held wooden sticks (often called kali or escrima sticks) to fight each other. Stick-fighting, stick fighting, or stick fighting is a variety of martial arts which use simple long slender, blunt, hand-held, generally wooden “sticks” for fighting

Unarmed Combat

We provide an unarmed combat training course that will prepare you to manage hostile situations. provides the Best training for Self Defence and also provides Military Combat Training in India.”

Black Belt Course

Black Belt certification programme is a 8-day, 56 hours live virtual programme. It is delivered by our senior professionals who provide an experiential learning process with references from various sectors.

Freestyle Fight

We provide freestyle fighting training in Udaipur, our trainer is highly skilled and professionally trained and provides best training to our student.

Weapon Training

Commando Academy is one of the best shooting academy in Udaipur. Commando Academy strives to provide the latest technology to encourage the youth for joining shooting as a sport.

School Games Training

We offer special classes for school sports training. And we develop self-confidence, self-defense, and physical fitness. And feed different types of physical games to students

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